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What does it do? (example 1)

Access your files located in the cloud from your iPad?
...it's an App for that!

* iCloud can be accessed via the iUnarchive 'My Files' storage after it has been activated using the device's Settings App

What does it do? (example 2)

Unzip from within the Mail App?
...it's an App for that!

What does it do? (example 3)

Transfer from mail to cloud?
...it's an App for that!

What does it do? (example 4)

Download & unpack from web?
...it's an App for that!

What does it do? (example 5)

Transfer your .pdf to iBooks?
...it's an App for that!


Discover how versatile this App is

List of iUnarchive features

iUnarchive features:
  • Open archived files from Apple's Mail App
  • Open archives by connecting to cloud and mail services
  • Create Archive (zip or 7z, optionally with password)
  • iCloud support (in My Files)
  • Dropbox support, Box.net support
  • Amazon S3 support, SkyDrive support
  • MobileMe, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, IMAP and POP3
  • Browse the internet for files
  • Supported archive file types: Zip, rar, 7-zip, tar, gzip, bz2/BZip2, LhA and StuffIt
  • Unpack passworded files
  • Open nested archives (e.g. rar file in a zipped folder)
  • Preview JPG, PNG, GIF, XLS, DOC, PPT, PDF, RTF and iWork files
  • Syntax highlighting for: c, h, cpp, hpp, cs, html, css, js, java, php, py, rb, sql, xml, xsl and wsdl file types
  • Download files (to Temp / to ‘My Files’ folder/ to Cloud services / to Gallery)
  • In App folder & file management
  • Create, rename & remove folders
  • Copy / Move / Email files
  • Extract / compress archive
  • Open file in another App (e.g. iBooks)
  • View used memory / storage space

Cloud and Mail services

Folder management & file transfer from and to cloud services
Your mail accounts bundled for easy archive access

Browse & download

From internet:
  • Enter url path to browse website
  • Enter url path for file to download
  • Browse files using online search engines
  • Save to 'My Files' (In App Storage)
  • Save to photo gallery
  • Save to cloud service
  • Zip file (or zip and copy/move)
  • Email file
  • Clear browse history

File preview & syntax highlighting

File preview:
  • Image file types: JPG, PNG, GIF
  • Documents: XLS, DOC, PPT, PDF, RTF
  • iWork files (as file or folder structure)
  • Syntax highlighting for: c, h, cpp, hpp, cs, html, css, js, java, php, py, rb, sql, xml, xsl and wsdl

Download iUnarchive

Unpack archives, copy files to Cloud, connect to FTP, create passworded archives and more...

iOS platform

iUnarchive for iPhone and iPad (iOS)

Mac OS platform

iUnarchive for desktop (Mac OS)

Cloud services

Transferring files from and to them

Cloud services

Accessing cloud based services

iUnarchive supports connections to several well known cloud services.
  • Choose the add services button
  • Choose which cloud service to connect to
  • Enter login and pass
  • Ready to use
For examples on how to use iUnarchive connecting to cloud services, click here and take a look at the use cases.

Mail services

Remote access to archives

Mail Services

Unpack from mail service

iUnarchive enables you to connect to mail services to browse for files to unpack, preview, download, move, or store.
  • Choose the add services button
  • Choose which mail service to connect to
  • Enter mail preferences
  • Ready to use

iUnarchive for Desktop

Preview your archives before unpacking

iUnarchive for Desktop

Keep it clean

Instead of cluttering the disk with files you can preview and open files directly from within iUnarchive.
With iUnarchive, you can create, modify and open archives. You can open passworded .zip and .rar files, nested archives and a truckload of other archive file types. You can preview images, documents, presentations and view programming language source files including syntax highlighting. You can search within the archive for a file name or expand and collapse folder trees that display the file path in the search results.

Preview files before extracting

iUnarchive makes it possible to preview files without actually having to extract them first.

This saves time when you just want to preview a couple of files in a large archive. What's even better, you aren't cluttering you disk with folders and files trying to find that one file you need.

If you are looking for just one or two files to preview in a huge archive, you can use iUnarchive's search functionality.

Search files in archive

When you want to find a specific file or only want to display files of a specific type for instance, you can use iUnarchive's integrated archive search feature.

To find a specific file you can enter a part of the file name you are trying to find in the search field. (e.g. 'tajmahalset_' to find all files in your Taj Mahal photo series)

If you want to filter by file type, you can enter de file extension in the search field. (e.g. '.ics')

Syntax highlighting

With iUnarchive you can also preview programming language file types including syntax highlighting.

Supported types include c, h, cpp, hpp, cs, html, css, js, java, php, py, rb, sql, xml, xsl and wsdl, depending on which Quicklook plugins are installed.

Feature list

  • You can preview and open files directly from within iUnarchive
  • Archives of type zip, jar, war, ear, cbz, 7z, tar, tar.gz and
    tar.bz2 can be created and updated.
  • Preview files before extracting
  • Extract files and directories
  • Extract via popup menu (lower left corner)
  • Extract via 'Drag and Drop' method
  • Open nested archives
  • Supports zip, rar, multi part rar, 7-zip, tar, gzip, bz2/BZip2, LhA and StuffIt file types
  • Supports password protection for zip, rar and multi part rar and 7-zip (7z)
  • Search by filename
  • Find file types by using period + extension (e.g. '.jpg')
  • Preview JPG, PNG, GIF, XLS, DOC, PPT, PDF, RTF and iWork (Pages, Numbers and Keynote) files
  • Syntax highlighting for c, h, cpp, hpp, cs, html, css, js, java, php, py, rb, sql, xml, xsl and wsdl, depending on which Quicklook plugins are installed.

Click here to go to the iUnarchive download section.


Reviews and articles

In the spotlights

iUnarchive in the spotlights

'You might opt to trust developers blindly on what they claim their App can do,
but it is always nice to be able to check what other people think of it.'

Vous et Votre Mac (January, 2012)

Article, Review, Magazine

iUnarchive has been reviewed by Vous et Votre Mac magazine in edition #74 for January 2012.

The French magazine which is focused on Apple software and hardware can be found in news stands in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

The article reviews both the iPad & iPhone version and the Mac OS version of iUnarchive.

A PDF version of the article with both reviews can be found here.

iUnarchive has been awarded 4,5 out of 5 stars by Vous et Votre Mac magazine.

Applebites (December, 2011)

Web Article, Review, Givaway, iTunes codes

The website Applebites offers a limited amount of free redeemable iTunes codes for iUnarchive on their website.

Applebites has also reviewed iUnarchive. The review can be found at the same page as the redeemable iTunes codes givaway.

No Treble (Useful Apps for the Traveling Bassist)

Web Article, Review, Reccomendation, Online Community

No Treble is a community-focused website for bassists. An article by Damian Erskine on No Treble states:

"iUnarchive app has eliminated my last remaining issue with solely traveling with an iPad: the inability to deal with .zip files or certain email attachments or download links from places like YouSendIt.

Previously, I was just out of luck until I got home to my computer for some of these things, which can be a real drag."

AppleZein (October 2011 & January 2012)

Web Articles, Reviews, iPhone, iPad, Mac OS

The website AppleZein describes how iUnarchive "allows for better management of any compressed archive when received via email or saved to an online cloud service" and has called the Mac OS version of iUnarchive "the right application to better manage and use compressed archives".

AppleZein has reviewed both the Mac OS and iOS version of iUnarchive on their website.

Mac and iPhone Blogspot (October, 2011)

Web Article, How To, Walktrough, Review

The Japanese website Mac-and-iphone.blogspot.com describes how iUnarchive can be used to preview archived files stored in cloud services like Dropbox.

Another article on the website also focuses on how iUnarchive can be used to show a list of attached archives which are sent to your email and how to proceed to preview these files before deciding wether or not to extract any of them.

MelaLegale (September, 2011)

Web Article, Review, Reccomendation, Blog, iPad, iPhone

MelaLegale has mentioned iUnarchive in it's list of most essential Apps to have installed on your iPad.

According to MelaLegale, iUnarchive is "the best program to manage archived files (zip, rar, 7-zip, tar, gzip, bz2/BZip2, LHA and Stuffit) and password protected archives of the formats zip, rar and

Contact & FAQ

Answering your questions


Contact us
For further questions and answers regarding iUnarchive, contact support at:

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Frequently Asked Questions
iUnarchive for iPhone and iPad:
  • Where in iUnarchive can I access the files that i have stored in iCloud?
To access your iCloud files in iUnarchive, first make sure you have enabled iCloud under the device's iOS settings and then kill and restart iUnarchive. Now in iUnarchive go to 'My Files', select the iCloud icon and you should see your iCloud stored files. Also, iUnarchive will not be able to directly access files in other containers, like files saved in iWork (Pages, Numbers and Keynote). These files cannot be opened from iCloud by third party Apps and can only be opened by Apple iOS Apps.
If you want to open iWork files from cloud you could store them using a free Dropbox account. iWork files stored in the Dropbox cloud can be opened by third party Apps like iUnarchive.
  • How do I open a file from within Apple's Mail App?
With the current iOS version you can click the file so it starts downloading. When it's finished downloading you can click it to pop-up a menu that lets you select Apps to open the file with.

Older iOS versions might require you to touch and hold the file until a window pops up that lets you choose a program to open the file in.
  • The archive won't open when I select 'Open in iUnarchive'. What can I do to fix it?
Pre iOS 5 there is a bug where when you only have one program installed that can open the archive, it won't open the file or it will result in an error. To fix this situation you could install another App that allows opening archives (e.g. FileApp, a free non Pro version) and then chose the bottom 'Open in' option and then choose iUnarchive to open the file.
  • Do I have to touch and hold to open or is there an easier way to open a file with iUnarchive?
With the current iOS version you don't have to 'Touch and Hold'. Pervious iOS versions might require you to touch and hold to open a file in another App, there was no other easy way to do this from within the 'Mail' App. You can also add an IMAP or POP3 account to iUnarchive, which will enable you to open all attachments with ease.
  • How do I delete files from 'Current Archive' after I've downloaded them to iUnarchive?
It should not be necessary to delete the Current Archive or a file contained by it. The Current Archive will be replaced by another one if you use the 'Open in...' function from e.g. Mail. Also, if you 'kill'* iUnarchive the Current Archive will be cleared.

In the My Documents folder, you can remove files by swiping or in edit mode.
* To 'kill' an App on your device:
1. press the round button to suspend the application
2. double tap the round button to open the suspended apps list
3. touch and hold on the app icon to reveil the close buttons
4. press the red close button on the app icon
  • I want to download a file from the internet to iUnarchive's 'My Files' storage. How can I do this?
Select 'Open URL' in iUnarchive. Type or paste the URL to the website you want to browse to. (You can also browse for files using search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing) Now select the download link the file is located at.

If you want to download a file that does not have a download link you can switch to 'url download mode' using the browse/download button. Just switch to download mode and paste or type the file location in the URL bar.
  • iUnarchive is locked and I forgot my password. How do can I start using iUnarchive again?
The iUnarchive (lock) password can be reset (disabled) by uninstalling iUnarchive and installing it again. 

Please note, that you will lose files stored in My Files and the configurations if you uninstall iUnarchive.
You can copy files stored in My Files through iTunes File Sharing. 
  • I've unpacked a zip file to a wrong folder. All my files are mixed up now, can I clean up my folders somehow?
Yes you can move files to other folders after unarchiving. Select the edit button when in 'My Files'. Now select all the files you want to move and select the move button. Select the folder you want to move the files to, or create a folder to move the files to. Select the 'Move here' button. The files have been moved to the specified location.
  • I have a multipart rar which I would like to extract using iUnarchive. How do I extract multipart archives?
First make sure all of the archive parts are present at the same location within 'My Files'.

Ideally you would copy all the files to the same folder at once. If the parts are in the cloud (e.g. Dropbox) and you have the connection added in iUnarchive, you can select the edit button and mark all the files before copying them all to the desired location in My Files.

You can also use iTunes File sharing to copy all the parts to My Files in one copy action.
Connect your device via USB cable and open iTunes. In the left menu select your device. Now select Apps under the tabs in the top center. Select iUnarchive in the File Sharing section and your 'My Files' (In App) storage will be accessible.
You can drag and drop files to the right section of the File Sharing section or use the buttons 'Add..' and 'Save to...' to transfer your files via USB.

If the files are located in another App you will probably have to copy them one at a time.
When copying individual archive parts to iUnarchive you will be asked if the archive should be unpacked.
Select 'No', then select the action menu (top right corner on the iPad, lower left corner on the iPhone, possibly you have to tap the screen to make this visible) and select 'To Cloud or My Files'.
Now select My Files and navigate to (optionally create) the desired folder (all parts have to be stored in the same folder) and select 'Copy here' (lower left corner). Repeat these steps for all the parts, manually navigate back to the home screen of iUnarchive, select My Files, navigate to the folder containing all parts, select any part and answer 'Yes' to question if you would like the archive to be unpacked.
  • Can I transfer files from and to iUnarchive using a USB cable instead of sending it using an internet connection?
Yes, you can transfer files to or from iUnarchive via iTunes. Connect your device and open iTunes. In the left menu select your device. Now select Apps under the tabs in the top center. Select iUnarchive in the File Sharing section and your 'My Files' (In App) storage will be accessible. You can drag an drop files to the right section of the File Sharing section or use the buttons 'Add..' and 'Save to...' to transfer your files via USB.